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Anti-Spam Policy

Created on 13 May, 2024 • 2 minutes read

Discover LinkComposer's robust anti-spam policy, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for managing your branded links. With our zero-tolerance approach to spam, you can confidently create and share branded links without the worry of unwanted s

We're committed to keeping spam out of our ecosystem!

At LinkComposer, we understand the negative impact of spam. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of our services for spamming purposes. Our priority is to uphold the integrity of our branded links and ensure a spam-free environment for our users. Therefore, our services should not be used to redirect to spam, blocked, blacklisted, or malware-infected URLs.

What exactly constitutes spam?

In the realm of electronic messaging, spam refers to unsolicited, bulk, or indiscriminate messages, typically sent for commercial purposes. These messages often contain advertisements or fraudulent marketing schemes, posing risks of monetary fraud. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards for our branded links and ensure they serve legitimate purposes for our users.

What activities are prohibited on LinkComposer?

LinkComposer serves as a platform to monitor and manage your marketing campaigns, not as a platform for spamming others with your marketing links. We actively monitor URLs served through LinkComposer to prevent the dissemination of spam links to our users. While it's challenging to catch every instance of spam, we make concerted efforts to eliminate any detected or reported spam links:

  • Tracking URLs associated with blocked or reported domains or IPs is prohibited.
  • Using branded links or pixels created in LinkComposer within unsolicited communications is not allowed.

If you're uncertain about the legitimacy of your links or believe your links were wrongly categorized as spam, don't hesitate to reach out to our support center for assistance.

We're serious about combating spam!

If we detect any spamming activity, we will take immediate and decisive action against the offending account. We have a strict anti-spam policy in place, and violators will face consequences:

  • All links associated with the spamming account will be blocked.
  • The account will be terminated without prior notice.
  • Refunds will not be issued for the terminated account.

Our dedicated team and automated systems continuously monitor for potential spam links. Before taking any action, we thoroughly investigate the URLs to confirm whether they constitute spam. Once a decision is made regarding spam links or accounts, it's final and non-negotiable.

Encountered a spam link using LinkComposer?

If you come across any misuse of our service or encounter a branded link redirecting to a spam site, please report it to us immediately at We take all reports of spam seriously and will swiftly take action to address them. When reporting spam, provide detailed information about the URL and why you believe it's spam. Together, we can maintain a spam-free environment for our community.